John Wayne Airport Map – SNA Parking Map – (2023)

John Wayne Airport Map – SNA Parking Map – (1)

About John Wayne Airport

John Wayne Airport is a major commercial and general aviation hub in the Greater Los Angeles area and Orange County, California. The county owns and operates the Airport, which is located in unincorporated Orange County. In 1979, the Airport was officially renamed from Orange County Airport to John Wayne Airport by the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

John Wayne Airport has two short-term and long-term parking. The parking lots can be identified from the John Wayne Parking Map above. There are many offsite SNA Parking lots available.

John Wayne Airport serves the areas of Irvine, Newport Beach, and Costa Mesa, but the county seat of Santa Ana is listed as the address and IATA code. John Wayne Airfield is Orange County's only commercial Airport and has two runways. Orange County manages and controls the Airport. John Wayne was up there with the best of them in the L.A. region regarding airport traffic.

Airport Quick Facts
Airport NameJohn Wayne International Airport
Airport CodeSNA
Terminals 3 terminals
Airport Address18601 Airport Way, Santa Ana, CA 92707
Distance from Santa Ana8 miles
Official Website
Contact Number(949) 252-5200
No Of Destinationsnon-stop destinations
Focus City forAir California
Flight Status: Departures and
TSA Wait

John Wayne Airport Terminals

There are 3 terminals in the Thomas F. Riley Terminal, housing 22 gates. Thomas F. Riley Terminal was built and named in his honor. County supervisor Thomas F. Riley advocated in the 1980s for the Airport's expansion. There are 22 gates in total.


The Thomas F. Riley Terminal is separated into three terminal areas- A, B, and C. Commuter gates are located at the far north end of Terminal A and the far south end of Terminal C of the Thomas F. Riley Terminal.

Terminals A, B, and C are all located within the same Thomas F. Riley building, so travelers who have already gone through security screening can freely move "airside" between the terminals. In addition, all three terminals have security screening lanes near the check-in desks.

The gates, signage, and information display at both Terminals A and B have been updated, and a new commuter gate area has been added to Terminal A. In addition, an American Airlines Admirals Club (serving Terminal A) and a United Club (serving Terminal C) may be found in the upper rotunda, above the themed restaurant (operating out of Terminal B).

Gates 1-8 are located in Terminal A, and gates 9-15 are located in Terminal B. Terminal C has gates 16-22. International flights arrive and depart from Terminal C.

All international flights departing from Terminal C that do not have pre-clearance are subject to inspection by the United States Customs and Border Protection's Federal Inspection Service. The FIS processes passengers entering either of Terminal C's two arrival gates and, after being processed, can leave through the south end of the terminal's arrivals section. To speed up the processing of registered users, the FIS facility is equipped with Global Entry kiosks.

The terminal building is divided into different levels. Level 1 is the Arrivals level, and Level 2 is the Departures level. Two baggage claim belts are located in Terminal A, two in Terminal B, and three in Terminal C on the Arrivals level. Level 1 also hosts U.S. customs, baggage services, and the Ground Transportation Office. Baggage Claim 7 is for international arrivals.

How to get between the terminals at John Wayne Airport

Connecting pathways between the check-in counter areas of the three terminals makes it feasible to switch terminals indoors before security. The terminals are in the same building, so navigating and traversing between terminals is relatively easy. Free shuttle buses also take from Terminals A, B, and C.

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More information on John Wayne Airport

E.V. parking in SNA

John Wayne Airport has 61 E.V. charging stations. All four parking garages at the Thomas F. Riley Terminal and the Main Street Parking lot have reflective signage and parking place surface markings to help owners find a spot to park and charge their vehicles easily.

  • A1 (Level 1) has 8 E.V. Stations.
  • A2 (Level 1) has 9 E.V. Stations.
  • A2 (Level 2) has 20 E.V. Stations.
  • B2 (Level 1) has 8 E.V. Stations.
  • C (Level 1) has 6 E.V. Stations.
  • Main Street has 9 E.V. Stations.

Accessible parking in SNA

All airport-owned parking lots include accessible parking for passengers with disabilities. In addition, wheelchair-accessible shuttle buses service the long-term parking lot.

Wide accessible parking spaces are provided in all parking facilities at the SNA Airport. There are also spots for vans in Parking Structures A2, B2, and C, as well as in the waiting area for cell phones. You must have a valid Disabled Person Parking Placard or License Plate in order to park in a designated disabled parking place. The Valet Parking area is wheelchair accessible.

Pet Relief Areas in SNA

  • On the lower arrivals level outside of Terminal A, near Parking Structure A1 entrance
  • Outside of Terminal C near the entrance to Parking lot C
  • On the Terminal's secure side, near Gates 12 and 13.

Inside the Terminal, unrestrained animals are not permitted, except for service animals.

Important SNA phone numbers

  • General information: (949) 252-5200
  • Lost and Found: 949 252-5140
  • Parking: (949) 252-5200

Security and customs at John Wayne Airport

John Wayne International Airport has security checkpoints in each Terminal (A, B, and C) to access the gate areas. The Transportation Security Administration monitors the Airport's checkpoints to ensure everyone's safety. Passengers without tickets will not be allowed to pass through any of the security checks. The terminals and gates are reachable from any of the security checkpoints. Any gate can be accessed from any security checkpoint. Be sure to have your I.D. and boarding pass ready at the checkpoint. In addition to full TSA PreCheck availability at all screening lanes according to TSA-defined schedules, all security screening areas additionally have a "fast track" lane for first-class and elite frequent passengers. CBP Trusted Traveler programs, including Global Entry, SENTRI, and NEXUS, are also there.

From Monday through Friday, 6:30 am to 3:00 pm, you can visit the John Wayne Airport TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center on the lower level of Terminal C, close to Baggage Carousel 7. (Closed 11:00 am-11:30 am).

How to get to John Wayne Airport

You can get to John Wayne Airport by bus, train, shuttle taxi, rideshare, or driving down.

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Car Rentals

On-site car rental companies at John Wayne Airport are available opposite the John Wayne statue on the lower level between Terminal A and Terminal B. In contrast, offsite car rental shuttles are available in the Ground Transportation Center in the Parking Structure opposite the Terminal building.


OCTA (Orange County Transportation Authority) operates Route 76 local bus, which runs approximately once a day in each direction, westbound and eastbound, from morning to evening on weekdays. See more about bus transfers at John Wayne Airport. The bus stop is just outside Terminal B on the lower level. The buses run on weekdays only. There are two northbound 212 buses and two southbound 212 buses departing daily. Transportation between the John Wayne Airport and the Disneyland Resort hotels is provided regularly by the Disneyland Resort Express bus. You may find the allocated bus stop in the Ground Transportation Center on the Arrivals (Lower) Level.


The iShuttle Route 400A connects the Airport with Tustin Metrolink Station. It runs at least once an hour from morning to evening on weekdays. Private shuttles can be found in the Ground Transportation Center and are subject to reservations only.


Tustin Metrolink station can be reached via the iShuttle during weekdays, and there are also Santa Ana train station and Irvine train station located within 10 miles from the Airport. Those can most easily be reached using a taxi.


Taxi ranks are found in Terminal C near Column 14 on the Arrival level and in the Ground Transportation Center between Terminal A and Terminal B, also on the Arrival level. The John Wayne Airport Yellow Cab Service is the official taxi company serving the Airport. Taxis also charge a waiting fee.


App-Based Rideshares, such as Lyft, Uber, and Wingz, provide drop-off and pick-up services at John Wayne Airport.

Driving directions to John Wayne Airport

North from San Diego

Drive the Interstate 5 North to the 405 North and exit MacArthur Boulevard off the ramp. Turn left onto Airport Way. Orange County Airport’s terminal entrance is located on the right.

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South from South Bay

Drive the 405 South and exit MacArthur Boulevard off the ramp. Turn left onto MacArthur Boulevard. The terminal entrance of the Orange County Airport is straight across MacArthur Boulevard.

South of Los Angeles

Drive the Interstate 5 South to the 55 South and take the transition to the 405 South. Continue to travel along the right lane and exit at the Orange County Airport.

From Riverside

Drive 91 West to the 55 South and take the transition to the 405 South. Continue to travel along the right lane and exit at the Orange County Airport.

Frequently asked questions

Is John Wayne Airport the same as Santa Ana airport?

Yes. John Wayne Airport (airport codes SNA and OCT) is commonly referenced in online travel and airline websites.

Is it better to fly into LAX or SNA?

It's the closest airport to Disneyland, and with L.A. traffic, you should consider flying into Santa Ana instead of LAX for a trip to Disney

Is there a shuttle between LAX and SNA?

24-7 Ride provides shuttle transfer services from LAX to SNA.

How far apart are LAX and SNA?

The distance between SNA and LAX is 36.07 miles.

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Can you walk between terminals at SNA?

You can take a walk to get to any of them since they are all in the same building.

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