Link's Awakening: Where to Find Every Heart Piece and Secret Seashell | Digital Trends (2023)

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for Nintendo Switch has more stuff to find than the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color versions. The number of Heart Pieces has jumped from 12 to 32, while the Secret Seashell count has risen from 26 to 50. If you complete all of the dungeons, collect all 32 Heart Pieces, and work through Chamber Dungeons challenges, you can wind up with a whopping 20 Heart Containers. And if you find all of the Secret Seashells, you’ll earn some pretty sweet goodies. Our Link’s Awakening Heart Piece and Secret Seashells guide shows you all of the locations to make things easier for you.


  • All Heart Piece locations
  • All Secret Seashells locations

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All Heart Piece locations

Link's Awakening: Where to Find Every Heart Piece and Secret Seashell | Digital Trends (1)

As you can see on the map above, Link’s Awakening‘s Heart Pieces are scattered all over Koholint Island.

That said, they are never found in dungeons. Well, the Heart Piece in the upper-left-hand corner of the map is found on top of Turtle Rock, the eighth dungeon, which is only accessible through an exit in the dungeon.

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Generally, you’ll find Heart Pieces in caves and in plain view. Usually, you’ll need a specific item such as the Hook Shot, bombs, Roc’s Feather, or Power Bracelet to grab Heart Pieces in caves.

The locations shown above are exactly where they’re located on the map. If you go to these spots, you should either see the Heart Piece or a suspicious-looking wall, movable block, or shrubs that can be slashed.

Since Heart Pieces aren’t found in chests, they really stick out once you stumble upon one.

The mini-game

Link's Awakening: Where to Find Every Heart Piece and Secret Seashell | Digital Trends (2)

On the map, you’ll notice three sets of two Heart Pieces right next to each other. For instance, Trendy Game in Mabe Village has two Heart Pieces to grab in the crane game. The first is there from the beginning, while the second shows up after depleting the stock of key items (Secret Seashells, Chamber Stone).

You can also earn a pair of Heart Pieces from the Fisherman in Mabe Village. You get the first by catching your first fish. The second Heart Piece is given to you when you catch a “big” fish.

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Dampé also will give you two Heart Pieces by completing the first two sets of Chamber Dungeons challenges. Work through the third set of challenges and he’ll give you a full Heart Container.

You can also earn one Heart Piece by completing the Rapids Race at the Raft Shop just east of Tal Tal Heights. A second Heart Piece can be found during the ride itself.

It’s best to go for this while doing the Rapids Raid variant, so you don’t have to worry about your time. Use the Hook Shot to latch onto the platform with the Heart Piece.

While not technically mini-games, you don’t need to find two other Heart Pieces. One can be purchased in the shop in Mabe Village. The other is awarded at the Seashell Mansion when you turn in 30 Secret Seashells.

All Secret Seashells locations

Link's Awakening: Where to Find Every Heart Piece and Secret Seashell | Digital Trends (3)

Secret Seashells are a tad more challenging to find than Heart Pieces. For starters, there are more of them. But a great many of them are under the grass and dirt.

Unearthing Secret Seashells often means digging with the Deluxe Shovel. You can buy the Deluxe Shovel at the Mabe Village shop for 200 rupees. It’s an essential purchase.

Secret Seashells can also be found in treasure chests, under rocks and bushes, in trees, in mini games, and in dungeons. Certain characters will give you Secret Seashells after completing their task in the trading sequence.

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The mini-game

Link's Awakening: Where to Find Every Heart Piece and Secret Seashell | Digital Trends (4)

Like Heart Pieces, you can grab Secret Seashells in the mini-games across Koholint Island. Two can be clawed free in Trendy Game’s crane game.

Two can be found on platforms in the Rapids Raid/Race mini-game, and another can be earned by finishing the race in under 35 seconds.

The pair of Secret Seashells won in the fishing mini game are the trickiest. You have to wait for Blooper and Cheep Cheep to show up. They both hail from Super Mario and are rare finds, so make each sighting count.

Dampé will also give you a seashell after completing his Fill Up Your Hearts Chamber Dungeon.

The trading sequence

Link's Awakening: Where to Find Every Heart Piece and Secret Seashell | Digital Trends (5)

We have a guide outlining all of the steps in the trading sequence, which eventually nets you the Magnifying Lens and gives you the ability to get the boomerang. But you can also get Secret Seashells by working through the sequence.

After delivering Christine’s letter to Mr. Write, go back to her house in the Animal Village. She’ll give you a Secret Seashell.

Once you have the Magnifying Lens, go to the house right next to Christine’s. You’ll be able to see a Zora in the pool. Mystified that you see him, the Zora will give you a Secret Seashell.

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DungeonLink's Awakening: Where to Find Every Heart Piece and Secret Seashell | Digital Trends (6)

A few of the dungeons have Secret Seashells. All of them are located in chests, so make sure you clear out every chest in each dungeon.

Sometimes, like in the case of the Tail Cave, your map can be deceiving. Look for the crumbling wall on the left side of the largest room in Tail Cave to find the Secret Seashell.

The Seashell Sensor

Link's Awakening: Where to Find Every Heart Piece and Secret Seashell | Digital Trends (7)

Once you collect 15 Secret Seashells, head straight to the Seashell Mansion in Ukuku Prairie, just south of Kanalet Castle. Step on the scale to receive the best gift for finding Secret Seashells: The Seashell Sensor.

This handy sensor acts like a metal detector, alerting you when a Secret Seashell is near. It makes the process a whole lot easier. Even with the locations pinpointed on the map above, having the sensor makes things much better.

When the sensor goes off, a Secret Seashell is really, really close. If there are no bushes or rocks around to pick up, you likely have to dig with your shovel. A handful of the Secret Seashells are in trees, though. So if digging doesn’t work, dash into the trees with the Pegasus Boots.

There are even two Secret Seashells that require you to throw bombs into a hole, which then spits out your reward. One of them is in Tal Tal Heights near the key slot for Angler’s Tunnel, while the other is just left of the Hen House on Tal Tal Mountain Range.

The trickiest Secret Seashell

Link's Awakening: Where to Find Every Heart Piece and Secret Seashell | Digital Trends (8)

Halfway into the game, you’ll need to persuade Marin somehow to start singing the Ballad of the Wind Fish in order to wake up a walrus outside of the Yarna Desert. You’ll also be able to find a Secret Seashell at that destination.

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This is the only game that forces you to play the Ocarina. Perform the Ballad of the Wind Fish at the place where the walrus used to sleep, and you’ll see him jump out of the ocean to lend a listening ear. He’ll also throw a Secret Seashell before he makes his exit and plunges back into the water.

Seashell Mansion rewards

Link's Awakening: Where to Find Every Heart Piece and Secret Seashell | Digital Trends (9)

As we previously discussed, you can obtain the Seashell Sensor once you have collected 15 Secret Seashells. But you may be wondering about all the awards. We’ve compiled a list of all the rewards you can receive in exchange for your Secret Seashells:

  • 5 Secret Seashells: Secret Seashell
  • 15 Secret Seashells: Seashell Sensor
  • 30 Secret Seashells: Heart Piece
  • 40 Secret Seashells: Koholint Sword (releases a beam of energy to strike enemies from afar when at full health)
  • 50 Secret Seashells: Chamber Stone – Rupees+ Effect (lets you tweak rooms to command rupees to fall from the ceiling)

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