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Zelda Link’s Awakening is host to many, many secrets and one of those secrets are the seashells that Link must find that are scattered about the island. If you’re looking for the secret seashell locations in Link’s Awakening to get the Koholint sword, here’s what you need to know.

There seem to be about 50 secret seashells in this version of Link’s Awakening compared to the 26 that are found in the original game.

After obtaining 20 of the seashells in the old game, you would be rewarded with the Seashell Sword, which is simply just an upgraded version of your regular sword, dealing double damage to enemies.

But in this remake, you will get a different sword after obtaining 40 seashells and it’s called the Koholint Sword and is pretty much the same thing as the old Seashell Sword in the original game, but with a different name.

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So, if you take these secret seashells to the seashell mansion on the island, you will be rewarded with several different prizes. There are five tiers of levels that you can reach depending on how many seashells you bring.

The first level rewards you with a piece of heart, the second level will reward you with a Seashell Sensor that lets you know when seashells are close by, the third level will reward you with a chamber stone for the dungeon creator at Dampe’s Shack, and the fourth level at 40 seashells gives you the sword.

If you manage to find all 50 of the secret seashells, you will be rewarded with about 300 rupees and a special chamber stone for Dampe’s Shack that gives you a special item in the dungeon maker that makes it rain rupees.

Down below, we have locations for all 50 secret seashells for you to check out.

Secret Seashell Locations in Zelda Link’s Awakening

  • #1 Mabe Village – In that grassy field in front of the Town Tool shop, you’ll find a seashell when you cut a specific piece of grass in the top section.
  • #2 Mabe Village – Go to the Trendy Game shop and you will see a seashell there for you to win. If it’s not there, try winning an item first and then coming back later.
  • #3 Mysterious Forest – In the southern section of the forest, you will see a chest that’s blocked off by a rock. Once you get the power bracelet, come back and you can pick up the rock and open the chest for a seashell surprise.
  • #4 Mysterious Forest – Near the northern exit of the forest, you will see a suspicious pile of leaves scattered on the ground. Dig on the spot near the left side of the walkway and you’ll dig up a shell.
  • #5 Mysterious Forest- Around the middle of the forest, you will see eight flowers that are shaped in a square with one empty spot in the middle of it. Dig there to find a secret seashell.
  • #6 Martha’s Bay – South of the telephone booth in Martha’s Bay, you’ll see a lone piece of grass surrounded by water. Get rid of the grass and you’ll find a shell underneath it.
  • #7 Martha’s Bay – Just southwest of the mermaid statue in Martha’s Bay, there will be some bushes; cut them to find a secret seashell.
  • #8 Martha’s Bay – In that dusty old shack just east of Toronbo Shores, there will be pots. Break the one in the bottom right corner to get a secret seashell.
  • #9 Richard’s Villa – Once you get the five golden leaves for Richard, he’ll let you into his basement. Take the left path, push the rock down, and jump over the gap to open a chest that holds a seashell.
  • #10 Ukuku Prairie – Just south of the telephone booth in Ukuku Prairie, you will see an owl statue on a higher level. Go through the caves and you’ll eventually reach the top. Now, just dig to the left of the owl and you’ll get a seashell.
  • #11 Ukuku Prairie – South of Kanalet Castle, you’ll reach a small area that’s filled with these donut-shaped structures that cannot be destroyed. You’ll notice one lone boulder just chilling there trying to fit in. Pick it up to find a secret seashell.
  • #12 Seashell Mansion – Just to the right of the mansion, you’ll see a patch of grass that needs to be cut. The seashell will be hidden in there.
  • #13 – Yarna Desert – This seashell is found on the bottom-right corner of the map. You’ll see two boulders sitting on top of a cliff. Throw the bottom rock to find the seashell.
  • #14 Ancient Ruins – North of the ancient ruins area, you’ll find an area with those donut-shaped objects again with some boulders sprinkled throughout. In the top-right corner of this area, you’ll see a lone boulder. Pick it up to find a seashell.
  • #15 Goponga Swamp – As soon as you exit the swamp from the east side, you will see a signpost that’s surrounded by rocks. Pick up the rock to the left of the sign to get a secret seashell.
  • #16 Mt. Tamaranch – On that little cliff just southwest of the Wind Fish Egg, you’ll see some boulders scattered about. Throw the boulder on the right to get a seashell.
  • #17 Tal Tal Mountain Range – When you’re traversing through the range, you’ll come across a deep pool of water that’s right underneath a waterfall. Just press the B button to dive down and you’ll pick up a shell.
  • #18 Tal Tal Mountain Range – Just go east of the hen house on the mountain, cross the bridge, and then you’ll see three boulders together. Pick up the one on the right for a seashell secret.
  • #19 Ukuku Prairie – Right outside of Mabe Village, there is a telephone booth tucked between some trees. Use your Pegasus boots to charge into the tree that’s to the right of the booth and a seashell will fall out.
  • #20 Mabe Village – Go to the house with the chain chomp in front of it but go into the entrance on the right side, with CiaoCiao. Now, just dig in the bottom-right corner to find a secret seashell.
  • #21 Toronbo Shores – On the west side of the shore, you will see four big palm trees that are just left of a signpost. Use the boots and run into the tree on the bottom to find a shell.
  • #22 Outside Tail Cave – To the left of the entrance of Tail Cave, you will see a lone tree in a field. Just tackle it with the boots to get another secret seashell.
  • #23 Tail Cave – Once inside the cave, go north, west, north, and then in this room you will see a cracked wall. Blow it up and go inside the room to find a seashell.
  • #24 Outside Key Cavern – Go up the staircase to the right of the entrance of the cavern and dig in the spot of land that’s surrounded by grass.
  • #25 Outside Key Cavern – In the lake to the right of the cavern, swim to the north side and cut that one piece of grass that’s by itself on the little “island.”
  • #26 Witch’s Hut – South of the Witch’s Hut, there is a little staircase that’s blocked by a boulder. Go down there and dig in the spot between the four little lilly pad-looking things to find a secret seashell.
  • #27 Southern Face Shrine – In the ancient ruins area of the southern face shrine, this seashell will be down a level by going down a staircase that’s blocked off by one of the Armos knight statues. You’ll see the staircase underneath the bottom-right knight in the top-middle section of the ruins.
  • #28 Face Shrine – Make your way to the top-left area of the dungeon and you will find a staircase that will take you outside of the dungeon. You’ll be right by a chest that is home to a seashell.
  • #29 Eagles Tower – In the room with the anti-Kirby’s, you’ll see a chest sitting atop the border of the room, but it’s on a higher level. Go up a floor and then jump into a pit to reach this shell.
  • #30 Animal Village – Once you have the magnifying glass, go back to the last house in Animal Village and speak to the Zora to receive a seashell.
  • #31 Animal Village – Go back to Christine the Goat after delivering her letter and she’ll give you a seashell in return.
  • #32 Tal Tal Heights – To the right of the fast travel spot in this area, you will see a hole surrounded by stone. Just throw a bomb into it and a seashell will pop out.
  • #33 Outside Turtle Rock – Head east from the telephone booth near Turtle Rock and you will see a rock formation on the ground with one empty space in the middle. Dig that sucker up to get another seashell.
  • #34 Animal Village – This one can only be obtained after waking up the walrus right in front of Yarna Desert. Go back to the same spot and play the Ballad of the Wind Fish and the walrus will swim up to you and hand you a secret seashell.
  • #35 Dampe’s Shack – If you go over to Dampe’s Shack and mess around with the dungeon maker mode, Dampe will give you a seashell for participating and completing his fourth tutorial.
  • #36 Trendy Game – We mentioned the first seashell that you can win at Trendy Game, but there are actually two that you can get.
  • #37 Mabe Village – You can get this seashell by buying it from the Town Tool shop.
  • #38 Mabe Village – If you keep fishing in the pond, you’ll eventually find a Cheep Cheep enemy, just catch it and you’ll get a seashell.
  • #39 Mabe Village – Same as above, but wait for a Blooper to pop up, the octopus enemy from Mario.
  • #40 Mabe Village – I found a third seashell while fishing by just catching one of the bigger fish in the lake.
  • #41 Dream Shine in Mabe Village – Go back to the shrine where you found the Ocarina and the seashell will be in a chest.
  • #42 Rapids Ride – In the rafting mini-game, you will see a small island with four patches of sand. Hookshot your way there and start digging to find a shell.
  • #43 Rapids Ride – In the race version of this mini-game, get a time of under 35 seconds and you’ll be rewarded with a secret seashell.
  • #44 Tal Tal Mountain Range – Right next to the chicken house on the mountain, you will see a hole to the left side of the house. Throw a bomb inside to find a seashell.
  • #45 Tabahl Wasteland – In the area with all of the scary purple trees, a shell can be found by digging around in the top-right corner.
  • #46 Goponga Swamp – You’ll see a ladder right behind the telephone booth north of the mysterious swamp. Next to that ladder, you will see a bush that’s by itself. Slash it and then dig underneath to find a shell.
  • #47 Kanalet Castle – Left of the main entrance of the castle, you will see several potholes and a staircase. Pull yourself over using the hookshot, go downstairs, and open the chest for a secret seashell.
  • #48 – After getting the seashell above, jump in the water and swim north until you see a waterfall. Just dive in and you’ll find a shell.
  • #49 Ukuku Prairie – Go back to where you bombed that pig statue near the center platform of the prairie. There will be a suspicious pile of rocks. Dig in the middle of the rocks to find a secret shell.
  • #50 Toronbo Shores – Back on the shores where you found your sword, you’ll see a big log in between two trees. Start digging to the left of the log and you’ll find the seashell.

To summarize, the Secret Seashell locations are:

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  • Mabe Village
  • Toronbo Shores
  • Mysterious Forest
  • Goponga Swamp
  • Koholint Prairie
  • Tabahl Wasteland
  • Ukuku Prairie Heart Piece
  • Martha’s Bay
  • Animal Village
  • Yarna Desert
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Tal Tal Heights
  • Tal Tal Mountain Range

And that’s our list on the secret seashell locations in Zelda Link’s Awakening. For more on the game, you can read our scored review and also check out our ever-expanding wiki guide on the site as well.

For everything else, just search Twinfinite. We’ve also listed some other helpful guides on the game down below.

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