Where is Outer Banks filming in Charleston right now? (2023)

Where is Outer Banks filming in Charleston?

Mount Pleasant's Shem Creek is a favorite Lowcountry locale of locals and visitors alike. Most of the Outer Banks' boating scenes were filmed along Shem Creek, where you can catch one of the best sunset views around.

Where is Outer Banks being filmed 2022?

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Netflix on Tuesday announced a premiere date for season 3 of the hit series 'Outer Banks,' which is filmed in various spots around Charleston.

Is Outer Banks filming right now?

Outer Banks season 3 has wrapped filming; the latest season will arrive on Netflix in 2023. Here's our updated preview of everything we know about Outer Banks season 3, including the three new cast announcements, production timelines, what we can expect from the plot in the new season, and more.

Where is John B's House Charleston?

The location of John B's Shack has eluded fans. However, a set designer did confirm it was on John's Island. Unfortunately, it is only viewable by boat in a residential neighborhood in the Seccesionville Historic District of James Island.

Where is Outer Banks filming this week?

Surprisingly, the series set in a coastal town along the Outer Bank isn't even filmed in North Carolina! Series makers originally planned to shoot the series in Wilmington, North Carolina. However, due to inclusivity concerns, Netflix chose to shoot the series in Charleston, South Carolina instead.

Where is Outer Banks being filmed today?

The action is set in the fictional town of Kildare. The producers scouted North Carolina and planned to film the series in Wilmington. However, because of an anti-LGBTQ law, Netflix decided to insist on inclusivity, so Charleston is finally taking over for Wilmington in Outer Banks.

Where will Outer Banks 3 be filmed?

Season 3 of Outer Banks was announced on December 7, 2021. Filming began on February 16, 2022 in Charleston, South Carolina, and ended on August 19, 2022. The season will premiere February 23, 2023 on Netflix.

What movie is being filmed in Charleston SC?

A new movie starring Woody Harrelson, Laura Linney and Nico Parker is filming in Charleston starting this month, the South Carolina Film Commission confirmed. The film is called “Suncoast” and was written by Laura Chinn, the creator and star of sitcom “Florida Girls” who also appeared in “Grey's Anatomy.”

Has OBX 3 started filming?

Filming for the third season began in February 2022 and wrapped filming the following September.

What TV show is filmed in Charleston SC?

Southern Charm (2014-present)

This reality series follows the lives of young socialites as they navigate everything the Holy City has to offer. While it may not offer the most accurate representation of life in Charleston, it serves up all the drama you'd expect from a Bravo show.

Why is Outer Banks not filmed in North Carolina?

Though the show takes place in a fictional town in North Carolina's Outer Banks, production actually took place in Charleston, South Carolina, a coastal port city roughly 500 miles away. The reason for opting out of filming in the state of North Carolina was a political one.

Where is Sarah Cameron's house located?

Although we are led to believe that the Camerons' vacation home is located in the Bahamas, it's actually in Barbados in real life—and it's known as Cove Spring House.

Where is the Pogue House located?

The Pogue House is a historic house in Maysville, Kentucky. It was built in 1845 on a fifteen-acre lot for industrialist Michael Ryan.

Where is the church from Outer Banks?

One of the swoon-worthy scenes that fans love is when John B takes Sarah to his secret place. Old Bethel AME Church is located in McClellanville, approximately 45 minutes by car from Charleston and no longer has a physical address. This abandoned Civil War-era church is a must-see for the avid fans of Outer Banks.

Where do the kooks live in Outer Banks?

Pope: It's nice to be a Kook. The Kooks is the title given to the elite and wealthy members of the island. They mainly reside in Figure Eight or the north side of the OBX.

Is Outer Banks filmed in Kiawah?

As its title suggests, the show is set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. However, the Netflix hit was filmed across Charleston. From Washinton Square Park in downtown Charleston to the lush golf courses of Kiawah Island, this show covers the Lowcountry sites you love.

What is Netflix filming in Charleston SC?

“Outer Banks,” the Netflix hit show that is filmed in Charleston, is returning for a third season, and production is underway.

Does Outer Banks Film at Folly Beach?

Folly Beach is seen often on Outer Banks as the inlet where the Pogues find the sunken ship has the iconic Morris Island Lighthouse in the background.

What does the pineapple mean in Charleston?

Placing a pineapple at the entrance of a home is a way of demonstrating hospitality. Traditionally, American sailors would place the pineapple outside of their door to show that they had safely returned. In Charleston, SC, the woman hung the pineapple from the door to show that her husband had returned.

When in 2023 is Outer Banks coming out?

We can expect Season 3 to be premiered in January 2023 or February 2023.

Is OBX 3 Cancelled?

OBX 3 is BACK IN PRODUCTION." This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

How long is OBX filming?

Filming on season two began in August 2020 and finished in April 2021. Taking those eight months of production into account and possible delays caused by COVID-19, the earliest we could see Outer Banks on our screens is July 2022.

What is the prettiest street in Charleston?

Possibly one of the most photographed streets in Charleston, Rainbow Row is actually located on East Bay Street. This strip of architectural delight stretches from no. 79 to no. 107 East Bay Street.

What is the most famous street in Charleston?

Charleston's historic downtown remains the shopping and dining hub for the region.

Where was Forrest Gump filmed in Charleston?

Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina

Instead, movie officials chose Hunting Island State Park, in South Carolina, as the setting for many of the film's war scenes. Today, Hunting Island is one of the most popular state parks in South Carolina, welcoming more than a million visitors each year.

Can you tour where Outer Banks was filmed?

Official Outer Banks Film Locations Tour - Eclectic Tours of Charleston. Please call (843) 300-5748 to book a tour.

How old is JJ from Outer Banks?

Rudy Pankow plays JJ, and in the series JJ is also 16. Rudy was born in August 1998, so is 22 and has a six year age gap with his character.

Is Tannyhill real?

Lowndes Grove

Tanneyhill Plantation, home of Sarah Cameron and her family, practically drips old Southern wealth. That's not exactly a surprise, given that, in Outer Banks, it's the previous home of the fictional Denmark Tanney, a former slave who discovered gold while captaining the Royal Merchant.

What beach is Outer Banks filmed on?

Ultimately, though, Outer Banks is filmed in Charleston, South Carolina. Residents may recognize locations like Shem Creek and the Old Village in Mount Pleasant, James Island, Johns Island, McClellanville, Kiawah Island, Charleston Harbor and the Morris Island Lighthouse.

Where is the tannyhill house in Outer Banks?

A North Carolina State Flag was also added to the exterior, given that Outer Banks takes place there. As for the interiors, "we created all of our interiors for Tanneyhill (the Cameron's residence) on location at Lowndes Grove," says Ricker.

Was Outer Banks filmed at Folly Beach?

Beach shipwreck scene in Outer Banks

Still in season 1, it's also where the group appears to spend a lot of their time, so throughout the series, the beach becomes increasingly important. This beautiful beach is actually Folly Beach just south of Charleston.

Where is Outer Banks 3 being filmed?

Season 3 of Outer Banks was announced on December 7, 2021. Filming began on February 16, 2022 in Charleston, South Carolina, and ended on August 19, 2022. The season will premiere February 23, 2023 on Netflix.

Where is the Cameron's house in Outer Banks?

Cove Spring House is located in Barbados, but in the show, it acts as the Bahamas vacation home of the Cameron family. Season two of Outer Banks premiered on Netflix today—and, just like the first season, this one features yet another spectacular home owned by the Cameron family.

Why did they film Outer Banks in Charleston?

Despite repeals in 2017, remnants of the law were still in effect in 2019, when Outer Banks began filming for its first season. This prompted Netflix to make the decision to take production to Charleston, SC instead. “When we wrote [Outer Banks], it was 100 percent Wilmington in our heads. We wanted to film it here.

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